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un coil mosquito un coil mosquito ,A piece of mosquito coil is placed within the plastic device supported by opposite grooves so that on one side the groove only supports 2 cm of the coil from the tip. The coil and plastic device is then placed on the flat platform of the 500 g scale register. ThePage 1/11 SafetyDataSheetPage 1/11 SafetyDataSheet accordingto1907/2006/EC(REACH),1272/2008/EC(CLP),andOSHA GHS Printing date 17.11.2015 Revision: 17.11.2015 42. 0 SECTION1 ...


OFF!® MOSQUITO COIL III Version 1.0 Print Date 04/07/2015 Revision Date 04/03/2015 SDS Number 350000004413 Land transport Sea transport Air transport UN number 3077 3077 3077 UN proper shipping name UN 3077 ENVIRONMENTALLY N.O

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Material Safety Data Sheet according to ANSI Z400.1- 2004 and 29 CFR 1910.1200 RAID® MOSQUITO COILS Version 1. Print Date 11/07/2008 Revision Date 11/07/2008 MSDS Number 350000004239 3/7 Storage Requirements for storage areas and

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